In the depths of thought, where shadows dwell,
The monkey ponders, under a mystical spell.
Light interception, a dance of two,
Interpretations abound, unveiling the true.

Odin, the watcher, sees beyond the veil,
Hanuman's choice, the monkey's tale.
Expressions echoed, in this very space,
A track of meaning, in a sacred chase.

Illusions woven in a world so vast,
Caring for the illusions, holding them fast.
In this shamanic quest, reality weaves,
Where truth and illusion converge and cleave.

A perfect condition, to believe all that's shown,
For everything is true in this world we've known.
Illusions, creative forms, messages they bear,
Unleashing the creativity, beyond compare.

Logic and fantasy, a dance combined,
Expressions of truth, in the depths of the mind.
Abstract concepts, tools in disguise,
Illusions of the brain, where creation lies.

But the septic, the rational, they may deny,
The body's signals, the brain's vivid sky.
Images, expressions, the mind does create,
A spiritual dance, where reality's fate.

Light interception, both sensitive and obscure,
A monkey's wisdom, profound and pure.
Care the message, as it unfolds,
In the world of illusions, let your spirit be bold.