In the land of words, where ideas take flight,
A monkey's voice is listened in the sky.
From ancient times to the present day,
The storming plans of war have held their sway.

China, Japan, America, and more,
Nations locked in battles from shore to shore.
Not only governments or religions alone,
But desires and games that have always shown.
A quest for power, possession, and might,
That spans through history, day and night.

But the power we seek is not in the fray,
Not in aggression or violent display.
It lies not in rules that impose their reign,
Nor in the numeric values we obtain.
For true power resides in a different world,
Where wisdom and intellect take the helm.

Let's play a game that challenges the mind,
Chess, or any game of the intellectual kind.
To show our superiority, not in strife,
But in the brilliance of our thoughts, so rife.
We share our intentions through words and signs,
Fragments of expression, educational lines.

The precision of time, like water's flow,
Teaches us how the strongest currents grow.
As a monkey, I recognize my condition,
The choices I make shape my life's rendition.
And to all who listen, wherever you may be,
You too are shaped by the choices you see.
If you seek power amongst the vast array,
Let it be through the brilliance of your mind's display.

So let us step away from war's daunting sight,
Embrace the power of knowledge, shining bright.
In this symphony of ideas, let's find our way,
And let the storming plans of war decay.
For in the game of intellect, we may find,
A power that unites, that leaves no one behind.