In the depths of reality, Monkey's voice resounds,
A description of human wills, desires unbound.
A storming plan unveiled, to reclaim what's true,
For this world drained time and pleasures we once knew.

Within shadows lurking, a yearning for release,
As cities grew, humanity sought control and peace.
In the jungle of concrete, where interactions thrived,
Nightfall embraced their souls, where dreams arrived.

Groovy music whispered, vibrations bold and noisy,
Between panic and luck, art emerged, never coy.
Expressions of pain, in myriad forms they broke,
A quest to cleanse their souls, with thunderous stroke.

For in the chaos, they sought solace and understanding,
To realize that nothing was wrong, soul's expanding.
Through the storming plan, they found the key,
To break the chains, to let their spirits roam free.

In expression's dance, their true selves came alive,
A cathartic release, where authenticity could thrive.
They cleansed their souls, like a thunder's fierce call,
Embracing the storms, breaking down each wall.

No longer chained by society's judgment and throng,
They discovered the melody, where they truly belong.
No wrongness within, just unique ways to convey,
Their deepest emotions, in an expressive display.

So, let Monkey's message echo, its truth be told,
In the noisy symphony, let freedom unfold.
Embrace the storm, break the chains that bind,
For within expression, liberation you shall find.