In the forest, a jungle at night,
A playful creature comes to light.
With nimble moves and eyes so bright,
The Monkey dances, a joyous sight.

Amidst the shadows, under moon's glow,
Through branches it swings, to and fro.
A mischievous spirit, full of delight,
Creating memories in the velvety night.

Bounding with grace, through foliage it weaves,
Leaping from treetops, where adventure breathes.
Its agile form, a marvel to behold,
As it explores secrets, untold.

In moonlit patches, it finds its way,
Exploring the unknown, without delay.
With curious eyes, it seeks treasures hidden,
Beneath the stars, its world is smitten.

A traveler of darkness, beneath the trees,
The Monkey dances, light as a breeze.
In the forest's embrace, it finds its home,
Where moonlit paths, it freely roams.

So, in the jungle at night, the Monkey plays,
Filling the air with its joyous displays.
A creature of wonder, both wild and free,
Forever enchanting, for all to see.