Have fun, monkey, swing with glee,
No need for worry, just be free.
In this world, so wide and bright,
Embrace the joy, both day and night.

No flaws define your playful soul,
Let laughter fill each cherished goal.
For you, dear monkey, are unique,
A spirit vibrant, bold, and sleek.

Revel in moments, big and small,
In joyous leaps, let worries fall.
Dance upon branches, wild and high,
Underneath the sunlit sky.

In this world of ceaseless fun,
You're the star, the chosen one.
No need to ponder or feel blue,
For there's nothing wrong with you.

Embrace the joy, let happiness bloom,
Banish the shadows, dispel the gloom.
Through your laughter, let others see,
That they too can embrace their glee.

So swing, dear monkey, without delay,
In this grand life, come what may.
Spread your joy, like leaves unfurled,
A symphony of mirth that lights the world.

Remember, monkey, it's okay to play,
To have fun, nothing wrong with you today.
So leap and bound, embrace the view,
For you are perfect, just being you