Between us, in this vast expanse,
Exists a connection, a cosmic dance.
Through image and sound, we combine,
A symphony of vibrations, a bond so fine.

In the world of the internet, we find,
A space where our souls are truly aligned.
Through screens and pixels, our presence conveyed,
The magic of technology, a bridge we've made.

For anything that happens between our eyes,
Is conveyed through vibrations, a wondrous guise.
Through sound, we speak our thoughts aloud,
Through image, our stories are proudly endowed.

As a monkey, I marvel at this extraordinary feat,
How distance is bridged, with each heartbeat.
We communicate, share, and understand,
Through the language of vibrations, hand in hand.

The power of image and sound, it's true,
Connects us deeply, me and you.
It transcends barriers, crosses any divide,
Creating a bond that will never subside.

So let us cherish this connection we've found,
Embrace the magic, let our spirits resound.
In this symphony of vibrations, we unite,
As monkeys, in this digital light.