Noise Frequency - Impulse is about myself in this act of courage to try to make what destiny gave me without the possibility to deny. Is about my fears, my madness in a conscience process of what was the real risk. Is about how I deal with this dream, how I deal with the message’s and how I deal with all this signals that are strange and new to me. This work and my life, is the real impulse, and I offer some noisy frequencies. This work is a way to gain money too, as I cannot stop doing it, before know the feedback I am asking to. I made a blend of image and sound, that take me into the wrong path, so I could learn how to escape from it or manipulate it, becoming part of it in a real time experience, that is connected into reality by sensitive perceptions, in a constante failure, in this world that don’t need much to have peace and happiness, to understand how much I need my intelligence but even more my common sense, working my technical skills of real time perceptions, and share about the known duality of human life in this precise moment to flow me into the conscience of my own freedom, as result of exterior inputs that I should learn, to do what is in cause. Nothing more than my Expression!