In my being, imperfect yet true,
I embark on a journey, destiny's gift to pursue.
A courageous act to embrace what's in store,
To face my fears, the madness at my core.

This work, this life, an impulse that drives,
Offering noisy frequencies, where passion thrives.
A blend of sound and image, a creative code,
Taking me on a path where risks unfold.

In this dance full of sound, I find my way,
Learning to escape, or manipulate, I may.
A real-time party, connected to reality,
Through sensitive perceptions, I seek clarity.

Constant failures guide me, in this quest I tread,
A world craving peace and happiness, where souls are fed.
Intelligence and common sense, both in play,
Working my technical skills, in perceptions' array.

I share the duality of human existence,
A reminder of our freedom, our very essence.
Exterior inputs shape me, as I yiel to learn,
To fulfill the cause, to navigate life's turn.

In expression, I find solace, a release so pure,
A symphony of self, where passions allure.
Through the blend of sounds, the rhythm's flow,
I discover the freedom that my heart shall know.

No longer bound by societal norms or creed,
I unlock the code, let my spirit take the lead.
In the dance of light and shadows, I am free,
To embrace the blend, to be who I'm meant to be.

Then I ask myself, what is wrong with this song?