In the world before the flow, where whispers of the soul reside,
A moment poised in stillness, where paths of light collide.
Before the embrace of the spiritual, before the journey unfolds,
There lies a precipice of choice, where destiny takes hold.

Oh, the anticipation lingers, as the seeker's heart beats fast,
Knowing deep within, a sacred calling has been cast.
In that fleeting breath of time, before surrendering to the tide,
A sacred dance commences, as spirit and self collide.

In the hush of the abyss, where doubt and fear still creep,
The soul prepares to leap, into mysteries vast and deep.
It is here that transformation begins, in that momentary pause,
As the seeker sheds their armor, and surrenders all their flaws.

Oh, the beauty of that threshold, where the ego starts to fade,
And the soul finds its voice, no longer to be swayed.
With each step forward, guided by ancient cosmic streams,
The seeker embraces truth, transcending earthly dreams.

In the moment before the flow, a sacred choice is made,
To embark on a journey, where spirit cannot be swayed.
It is here, in this fleeting space, the seeker finds their way,
Embracing the spiritual essence, with each passing day.

So let us honor that sacred moment, before the flow takes flight,
For it is in that precious pause, where true seekers ignite,
A passion for the divine, a thirst for truth and grace,
As they embrace the spiritual path, and find their rightful place.