In the depths of self-discovery, where the shadows fade away,
A soul stands tall and fearless, in the light of a brand-new day.
"I know myself," proclaims the free, unbound by doubt or fear,
Embracing truth and authenticity, their essence crystal clear.
With introspection as their guide, they journeyed deep within,
Exploring hidden chambers, where their truest self had been.
They shed the masks of illusion, and embraced their purest form,
A free spirit unencumbered, a soul reborn.
No longer bound by expectations, nor swayed by others' views,
They danced to their own rhythm, and followed their own cues.
For in the vast expanse of being, they found their sovereign reign,
A free man, untethered, liberated from the chains.
With every step they took, they owned their authentic voice,
Honoring their dreams and passions, making their own choice.
They reveled in their uniqueness, in the party they wove,
A masterpiece of self-expression, a life they freely strove.
"I am a free man," they declared, their spirit soaring high,
Unshackled from conformity, reaching for the sky.
With every breath they took, they drank the nectar of their soul,
Embracing life's vast party, embracing the unknown.
So let us celebrate their journey, as they navigate life's seas,
With unwavering self-awareness, and an essence set to seize.
For in knowing oneself, in claiming freedom's sacred art,
They inspire others to awaken and listen to their own heart.