Here's the practical, scientific way,
To craft illusions in our play.
Spirituality, it shares the same,
Levels of will, a common aim.

Creating illusions, a code we weave,
Easier than building, you'd believe.
Together they merge, a perfect blend,
Logic and structure, their paths transcend.

Developers err, mistakes they make,
Do you ponder? Is that a mistake?
But keep on trying, the debug will show,
Lessen mistakes, and knowledge will grow.

Perhaps, no need to learn a thing,
Embrace simplicity, let illusions bring.
They come and go, like a flowing stream,
Change not a thing, just live, it seems.

But pay heed to illusions, they're real,
Find peace in yours, others' paths feel.
For if we seek peace in our own design,
Let's extend it to others, in a grand line