F.C.Porto Tribute

In the depths of the cosmos, a Monkey roams,
With galactic passion, it finds its own homes.
Ignited by Dragon's fire, a celestial pyre,
The Monkey dances, fueled by cosmic desire.

In cosmic parties, its spirit takes flight,
A whirlwind of passion, shining bright.
With nimble steps, it traverses the stars,
Leaving behind trails of celestial memoirs.

Its cosmic ardor knows no bounds,
Unleashing energy, in vibrant sounds.
With every leap, a universe awakens,
As Monkey's passion, like a comet, hastens.

From galaxies afar to celestial spheres,
The Monkey's fervor breaks free from fears.
Its essence ignites, a cosmic flame,
In the vast expanse, it claims its name.

Through nebulas and constellations it weaves,
The Monkey's passion forever achieves.
In its cosmic dance, a symphony takes form,
As it embraces the universe, wild and warm.

Dragon fire courses through its veins,
Fueling its passions, breaking cosmic chains.
The Monkey soars, a celestial muse,
In the galactic dance, it never defuse.

So let the Monkey's spirit guide your way,
With galactic passion, let it hold sway.
Embrace the fire that burns within your soul,
And let your cosmic passion take control.

For in the depths of the universe so vast,
The Monkey's fervor shall forever last.
Embrace the galactic passion that's true,
And let your spirit soar among the stars, too.