In the jungle's embrace, as a playful monkey,
I express the essence of tributes, oh so funky.
There are things I like or dislike, they play their part,
In Monkey fingers, is where they find their start.

Dogs and cats, companions with hearts so pure,
Their presence brings joy, their love secure.
Bruce Lee's wisdom, the Dragon's accuracy,
Guides us through the matrix with resilience and tenacity.

Persons of the egocentric wills that sway,
We must see through the illusions they display.
They may seem to manipulate, deceive or beguile,
But when we pay attention, it sparks a need to reconcile.

Like a mirror with two faces, the Yin and the Yang,
They embody all the possibilities, a harmonious pang.
No side is absolute, for energy ebbs and flows,
Into the vast expanse of cosmic information it goes.

And what else could it be, if not our very selves,
Expressed like artists, in various forms and worlds.
We find our essence mirrored in everything we see,
A party of existence, where we are both bound and free.

So let us honor the tributes, both big and small,
For they weave the fabric of life, embracing all.
In this dance of unity and diversity, we find our way,
As the monkey, I celebrate this eternal display.