In ancient texts and mystic core,
Metatron emerges, forevermore.
Across the pages of sacred writ,
His essence shines, a celestial fit.

In Jewish mysticism, he takes his place,
As Enoch transformed, in heavenly grace.
From mortal prophet to angelic form,
Metatron, the divine bridge is born.

In the Book of Enoch, his tale takes flight,
Ascending to realms of heavenly light.
A guide and teacher, to Enoch bestowed,
Mysteries of creation he beautifully showed.

In the Talmud's teachings, his name resounds,
As a heavenly prince, wisdom abounds.
Metatron, the highest angel of all,
His presence upon us, like a celestial call.

The Kabbalah's secrets he does unfold,
In sacred teachings, his wisdom is told.
With seventy-two names, his power's revealed,
Unlocking the mysteries that lie concealed.

In ancient scrolls and mystical verse,
Metatron's essence, we ardently immerse.
The celestial scribe, with knowledge vast,
Preserving truths, from the distant past.

He stands before the divine throne,
With fiery presence, all his own.
A mediator between heaven and earth,
Metatron's wisdom, of infinite worth.

Oh, Metatron, the angelic guide,
In sacred texts, you forever reside.
May we seek your wisdom, divine and true,
And find enlightenment, through and through.

Across the books, your name does shine,
Metatron, the angel, both human and divine.
Inscribed in tales of ancient yore,
Forever we'll seek you, forevermore.