V for Vendetta Tribute!

V Euclidean space,
Where thoughts and ideas interlace,
A tribute to the fans, a heartfelt embrace,
A movie's impact, a journey we chase.

I feel like the protagonist, bursting in flame,
Yet disapproving of actions causing pain.
A contradiction, judging freedom's game,
Explosions devoid of freedom's true claim.

Fear, not freedom, this example imparts,
A longing to break free from impositional charts.
Learning through examples, engrained in our hearts,
Teaching care and love, where true wisdom starts.

We have the choice to break from the mold,
To decide our life's journey, be bold.
Conditional lifestyles, controversies unfold,
Society learns to love, as stories are told.

The movie speaks of love's fleeting embrace,
Tragic, compelled change in an egocentric race.
A historic building destroyed, a symbol erased,
Human history, laden with such examples misplaced.

Through history, egocentric wills often prevail,
Ignoring others' perspectives, a heart's call to fail.
To ask, to learn, beyond mere theory's veil,
Embracing reality, where dreams and illusions sail.

Caring for illusions that shape our reality,
Persons of a world spreading illusions of duality.
Creating an opposite, a parallel vitality,
In search of the right choices, a moral totality.

Even when wrong, an opportunity to perceive,
To find the right path, to truly believe.
Information to care, other choices to conceive,
Creating solutions, without intent to deceive.

Governments and abuses of power it targets,
Solutions sought without destructive market.
Beauty lies in resolutions, fairness to embark,
Education, self-discipline, to leave a lasting mark.

Funny it seems, movies touch us deep within,
Yet reality's expressions often wear thin.
Our brain processes, creating "objects" akin,
Decisions formed, where wisdom begins.

The wise ones say, hold your tongue or agree,
But wiser still is to create a better decree.
Choices abound in life's musicality,
Caring for others' choices, a harmonious decree.

V, Euclidean space we dwell,
Where intentions and expressions flow and swell.
A tribute to the fans, a story to tell,
May our choices create a reality where love prevails.