Diamanda Galás Tribute!

Within the shadows, the Monkey's allure,
A unique expression in darkness pure.
This world, a creation of will's decree,
Consequences born from its own decree.

The Dark craves possession, yearning for might,
Power obtained through consequences' plight.
Simplifying the concept, knowledge holds sway,
For knowledge is power, or so they say.

Yet power can thrive without knowledge's light,
Unfolding its might, unbound by insight.
Here we exist to balance life's array,
Emotions unleashed through power's display.

The Will of Power, sparked by Change's flame,
Love combines, igniting the same.
Logic dictates that Love holds the key,
For Love is power, as it should be.

The devil's spell we reside,
"Me" and "you" connected, side by side.
A fusion of souls, our destinies aligned,
Navigating the darkness with hearts might.

Through shadows we tread, seeking the light,
Embracing balance, both day and night.
Together we conquer, breaking the spell's hold,
Love's power prevailing, a story yet untold.