In worlds of ancient wisdom, gods unite,
Sun Wukong, Shiva, Kali, shining bright.
Buddha and Jesus, their presence profound,
Expressions of divinity, all around.

In paganism's embrace, gods are found,
Accepting diverse expressions, profound.
For the Supreme God's will, they reflect,
In spiritual life, their forms connect.

Gods bear names, choices and attitudes,
Odin's love for nature, animals he includes.
Thor, his son, with different choices made,
Each expressing the divine, their paths laid.

Supreme God, unseen, an imageless force,
Expressed through choices, an infinite source.
Warriors of darkness and light appear,
Their dance of balance, shifting and clear.

Logic and science can unveil,
Fire engulfed, water thrown, as tales prevail.
In all aspects, this perspective holds true,
Darkness and light, united they grew.

Education shapes a child's soul and mind,
In unstable relations, darkness may find.
Repetition of experiences, a profound key,
Shapes their path, their destiny decree.

Too much positivity, madness it may bring,
Balance of light and dark, a sacred thing.
Reality's instability, a truth profound,
Darkness reveals knowledge, it astounds.

When light neglects the rightful gaze,
Darkness seizes power in perplexing ways.
To reach the illusion, light must be true,
Focus on the right, let wisdom imbue.

In the dance of light and darkness, we find,
The pursuit of truth, a journey connected.
For in the depths of darkness, knowledge gleams,
Guiding light to unveil life's intricate themes.