Once upon a time, in a world filled with strife,
Monkey beckoned, because we "love, let us reclaim life."
Dark warriors emerged, bearing the possession of will,
Their hearts ablaze, with fire in their eyes and metal in their soul's thrill.

Expression, Nature's gift, they embraced with open arms,
Their bodies moving in a hypnotic dance, free from worldly norms.
Within them stirred a Myth, illusion and memories, untold,
Guided by the dragon's wisdom, they embarked, bold and bold.

For the first three minutes, silence reigned supreme,
As they connected to the core of existence, a cosmic dream.
The dragon whispered secrets of yin and yang,
Balancing the desires of she who needs, he who creates, in a harmonious pang.

Against the Greed that plagued the land, they stood tall,
A united front, defying the digital perspective's call.
The number 69, a symbol of unity's might,
They felt their bodies, alive and connected, in the union point's light.

"We are tools," they proclaimed, "objects of expression divine,
Let us sculpt our world with love's design."
Feel the night, feel the universe's embrace,
For within their hearts, the power to transform space.

And as the music played, not the worst in the world,
They danced with deep thoughts, their spirits unfurled.
Money held no power, compared to love's might,
Together, they proclaimed, "Let's do it," with all their might.

Eternal masters of their hearts, bidding farewell,
To the illusion's condition, with a resounding "Boo Boo" spell.
The Dance of Dreams began, a journey to ignite,
A world where love prevailed, banishing illusions' blight.

In this tale, the Monkey's quest ignited a flame,
Inspiring hearts and souls, to join the transformative game.
People from all walks of life, heard the call,
To contribute and help the Monkey dream stand tall.

The Doers of Dreams, united as one,
Building a future where love's triumph is won.
With each step, they shattered the condition of illusion,
Creating a world fueled by compassion's fusion.

So let us join Monkey's quest, with hearts aligned,
In a world where love's power is eternally enshrined.
Together, we'll dance, casting away illusions' plight,
For in unity, we find the strength to make things right.