In this grand design of life's creation,
We are but tools of expression's sensation.
Like software running through our veins,
Like machines, we carry intricate chains.

We are like animals, driven by instinct,
Like plants, growing and interlinked.
The universe flows through our very core,
Expression's essence, forevermore.

As tools, we shape and mold our existence,
Objects of expression, with divine persistence.
Teaching those who yearn to learn,
About the content within, a sacred concern.

Through our actions, we convey and impart,
The depths of emotion, the language of heart.
We are vessels of expression's art,
An embodiment of passion, right from the start.

Sometimes, we simply stand in awe,
Admiring the expressions that leave us in awe.
The beauty and wonder that others unfold,
Through their unique stories, bravely told.

So let us embrace our role as tools,
As objects of expression, breaking societal rules.
For within us lies a universe to share,
A symphony of thoughts and feelings to declare.

In this grand party of human existence,
We are instruments of expression's persistence.
Let us embrace this purpose, both near and far,
As tools and objects, shining like a star.