In the depths of my being, a spirit awakes,
Sun Wukong's essence, a fiery light takes.
Within this vessel, I now reside,
A new existence, a thrilling ride.

I have a body, I can feel,
Sensations alive, they are so real.
Unleashing power, boundless and free,
In this earthly form, I now see.

Strength and agility course through my veins,
The Monkey King's spirit, in me remains.
With nimble hands and nimble feet,
I conquer challenges that I meet.

The world unfolds, a playground vast,
With Sun Wukong's spirit, my journey is cast.
Boundless curiosity, a mischievous glee,
I explore new worlds, wild and free.

I wield the staff, a weapon of might,
Guided by wisdom, I seek truth's light.
A guardian of justice, I stand tall,
Answering destiny's captivating call.

"I have a body, I can feel," I declare,
Sun Wukong's spirit, a gift to bear.
In this mortal shell, I strive and grow,
With the Monkey King's essence, I am aglow.