In the stillness of the night, I unfold,
A body awakened, a story yet untold.
I feel the night, its mysteries connected,
As the universe whispers, secrets to find.

In every breath, I taste the cosmic air,
A celestial symphony, beyond compare.
I am a vessel, a fleeting spark of light,
Discovering life, embracing the night.

With every step, the universe unfolds,
Revealing wonders, as my journey molds.
I feel the stars, their distant gleam,
A cosmic dance, in this earthly dream.

The moonlight caresses, my skin it kisses,
In its gentle glow, my spirit reminisces.
I feel the night, its embrace so grand,
As the universe beckons, with open hand.

Through darkened skies, I wander free,
Exploring galaxies, a cosmic spree.
I feel the vastness, the infinite expanse,
As the universe weaves its cosmic dance.

I am but a speck, in this cosmic play,
Yet connected to all, in every way.
I feel the night, its pulsating beat,
As the universe whispers, secrets sweet.

Oh, to feel the night, to feel the universe,
To embrace the mysteries, and immerse.
In the grand party of life's design,
I am a body, discovering the divine.

So let us dance, under the starlit sky,
Feel the night, as time slips by.
For in this journey, as I traverse,
I am alive, I feel the universe.