what is real?
what is not an interpretation?
what is Fantasy?
what are illusions?
what is myth?
what are memories?
Lets admit. We all focus on illusions, we work on illusions, we design illusions, we structure illusions using logic and creativity, we get deep each illusion so hard, that we spend a life time on our illusions so one day we can create them.
I don't understand any of the specifications, of how much complexity is needed to describe, the sense of those who don't accept a simple expression of an inside interpretation, where all use the same tools to express their own illusion of true, but I know what makes this world what it is, is because illusions were dreamed not only by singular persons but by many.
Any answer is an inside search and an inside research.
Logic is good for work, sensitivity and resonance is good for living.
Where are you in the moment of telling where others shall start their journey of finding the self?
There is no absolute truth about how we are, but a fragment of true about what we had express, the only true is, humanity have several individual expressions that are them self's, teaching formulas that hack's others brain, others illusions with new illusions, with new desires, to find a reason to say ( my truth is Absolute ) ... well, Even Daoism can be expressed in several fragments of simplicity, which will result is a mix of several complexities, that are expressions of simplicity as well. The more You know, the more You think You need to go deep, while You know You should accept simplicity!
Is good You know, is about this dream that in many billions of cases are consider madness.
People are crazy.. oh he/she see things I cannot..
well, that is a Skill of creativity, to express their illusions. Are they crazy or they develop a imaginary reality we cannot see, because we are not paying attention?
Well, it is an obsessive loop, while most of the professionals who try to cure, are in a obsessive loop to test and "pray", to find a positive result, which in most of the cases, didn't find a cure, but a way to stop the obsessive brain activity, which care that illusion.
Well.. While this people have not the desire to punish people or create them impositions of behaviors, they are fine, they are not crazy at all, they can learn and become better
even when we live in a system that needs to "impose" rules, which are as well, illusions.
( necessary illusions )