Sun Wukong's Dream

Sun Wukong is like a dreamy child who spends his life imagining the world and its possibilities. He is the dream of the dreaming child, actually being a half-man, half-monkey. His animality is creative and follows basic principles that may sometimes be considered primitive. This man is spiritually sensitive to nature, and that's why he presents these sensory concerns. This monkey dreams of a change in society through the challenge it presents to all the people on this planet. As a Monkey, he continues more or less alone. Without knowing how to manage all the information, gradually and in a disorganized manner, the dream is being produced by those who read it, rather than by this monkey who simply writes what he dreams. He is the raw material for those who have the ability to create the dream in reality. The inspiration for those who see beyond. This dream is so complex and profound that it seeks a dream hunter, so that this hunter can be considered God in the light of the Monkey's dream.