Nature's expression, both simple and complex,
Guides us to understand, to truly connect.
In its simplicity, fragments of intricate design,
And within complexity, traces of simplicity shine.

Just like Nature's expression, I too exist,
And I see no problem with the drugs some insist.
Let me explain, for logic guides my thought,
Those who partake, knowledge they have sought.

Chemistry and understanding of the body's ways,
Drugs are explored with consciousness ablaze.
Shared experiences, wisdom imparted,
Ensuring risks are minimized, not disregarded.

For drugs are ubiquitous, in various forms they reside,
From coffee to tobacco, they're found far and wide.
Shall we speak of pharmaceuticals, altering brain's flow,
A cure, a control , educating minds to grow.

But I don't embrace the anti-drug campaigns,
History has shown the same outcome it contains.
Alcohol, once forbidden, bred violence and strife,
A testament that prohibition can bring forth a dark life.

Yet I stand against those who impose their power,
Manipulating others in the shadows they tower.
But those who choose to partake, without harm or dismay,
Without causing instability or troubles' array.

Marijuana, Cannabis, a calming sense bestowed,
LSD, a journey, a personalized code
These experiences, a gateway to expanded perception,
Resonance heightened, electrifying connection.

Telepathic whispers may dance in the air,
For communication transcends words, I declare.
Drugs or no drugs, we share a profound link,
A festival of unspoken words, a thought's distinct wink.

But guns and bombs, expressions of darkness and dread,
Nature didn't create them, they're born from human's thread.
Choice without conscience, the path we must beware,
Nature's tools aren't meant for destruction and despair.

For in Nature's embrace, harmony is found,
Tools bestowed upon creatures that astound.
But as humans, we must tread with care,
Respecting the gifts, the burdens we bear.

Nature's expression, a symphony so grand,
Within its complexity, simplicity expands.
Let us honor its wisdom, its lessons impart,
Embracing the beauty, with a mindful heart.