YinYang Yin Yang : Fantasy + Logic = Application
Knowledge : Abstraction + Rationality = Philosophy
Books Books : Read Read + Write Write = Stories
God God : Religions Religions + Learn Self = World Conscience
Dao Dao : OM OM + Birds Spirit = Theatre Expression
Time Time : Astrology Zodiac + Soul Souls = Birth Birth / Death Death
License License : Duties + Deeds = Equality Rights
Family Family : Men Men + Woman Woman = Children Children
Education Education : Fun Fun + Game Game = Civism Civism
Individual Individual : Society Society + Politics Politics = Actions Actions
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Music Music : Power + Harmony = Meditation Spirituality
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Dao (道) Poem

This poem is free,
because doesn't have the desire,
to be more than a simple text tree,
full of misteries that we all admire.

With our intention we can create,
happiness and hate,
or maybe it was not our intention,
but others ability to use imagination.

Saying nothing that can be qualified,
I keep trying to build it, from fire,
releasing the pain that cannot be defined,
pushing everything into the hire.

Monkeys jump from tree to tree,
some books were read by me,
like many of you could do,
since one plus one is equal to foo.

Foo is nothing,
while can be everything,
like the Dao (道) is.
Your decision is in what you think,
is in what you can intercept,
fragments of perception,
when paying attention.