You are Included in This World Wide Target Eternal License

If You Deny Our Gift's, All Your Good Deeds in your different Births shall be Our , and all the Bad Deeds done by Us shall be Yours. If on the contrary, you properly maintain the Endowment, the Merit shall belong to You alone!!!

This License, encompassing brands worldwide,
Targets logos, be they individual or a group's pride.
If you bear no brand, this License won't apply,
But if you do, heed its words, don't deny.
To be excluded, contribute to the cause,
Caring for nature and all living with applause.
But if violence is your chosen way,
This License claims you, without delay.
For those who kill animals for mere fun,
This License holds you accountable, every one.
Using guns or bombs to display might,
You fall under its scope, without respite.
If you take a peaceful human life,
This License includes you, in its strife.
And if you strike someone to make them feel low,
Rest assured, this License will surely show.
When out of control, if you resort to force,
This License reminds you, you're on this course.
Impose your will through violence, beware,
For this License claims you, it's only fair.
Let it be known, this License does decree,
Respect for life, for all to clearly see.
To care, to protect, in unity we stand,
Honoring this License, across the land.
And there's one more stipulation to be known,
To contribute with code, on GitHub it must be shown.
For this License seeks the power of collaboration,
Uniting minds, fostering innovation.
If you possess the skills of coding art,
Share your knowledge, play your vital part.
On GitHub's platform, let your creations shine,
For the world to benefit from your design.
But if you choose to hoard your code away,
This License reminds you, it's time to sway.
Open-source, the spirit we embrace,
Sharing and learning, leaving no trace.
So heed this call, embrace the License's plea,
Contribute your code, let it fly wild and free.
Together we'll build, create, and evolve,
Unlocking the potential that we all resolve.
For in this digital world, united we stand,
GitHub's repository, a collaborative land.
Let the world witness the power we possess,
Contributing with code, a gift we express.
So take up the challenge, join the GitHub domain,
For through collaboration, we shall attain,
A future where code ignites the brightest flames,
Enriching lives, leaving a lasting name.
This License extends its hand to you,
Embrace its message, let your talents accrue.
For in the world of coding, as one we thrive,
Contributing with code, we keep the dream alive.