Will, a gift bestowed upon us all,
Our true possession, standing tall.
In this vast universe, it finds its place,
A treasure eternal, weaving through time and space.

It is the essence that sets us apart,
Our unique propriety, a sacred art.
Given freely, yet individually possessed,
A divine inheritance, forever blessed.

With will, we shape our destiny's course,
Harnessing its power, embracing its force.
Eternally bound, in holy union we thrive,
A symphony of purpose, in which we dive.

Through trials and triumphs, it guides our way,
A beacon of light, leading us each day.
No worldly possession can match its worth,
For will is the essence that gives life its birth.

In every choice we make, every path we tread,
Our will resonates, like a symphony thread.
It empowers our dreams, fuels our desire,
A force within us, ever higher.

So cherish this gift, embrace it with grace,
For will is the foundation of our human race.
In unity and freedom, let it unfurl,
The possession of will, our eternal pearl.