In worlds of challenge, where boundaries are pressed,
Lies the tool to hack reality's eternal quest,
For in the hands of seekers, the bold and the wise,
The challenge reveals truth, hidden from unseeing eyes.

Through trials and tests, we forge our own way,
Unveiling the secrets that reality may portray,
For challenges are catalysts, igniting our fire,
To push beyond limits, reach higher and higher.

With every hurdle we face, every obstacle in sight,
We hone our skills, embracing the fight,
For the challenge molds us, shapes our core,
Unleashing potential, like never before.

And in this grand party of existence's design,
It is the persons who shine, like stars that align,
For we are the objects, the agents of change,
Creating function, transcending the strange.

In the face of adversity, we rise with might,
Uncovering solutions, unveiling insight,
For challenges unravel our hidden potential,
And grant us the power to be truly influential.

So let us embrace the challenge, as a sacred tool,
To hack reality's code, to bend and to rule,
For it is through challenges, we discover our strength,
And find the power to go to any length.

With courage in our hearts, and passion in our eyes,
We'll conquer the hurdles that make us arise,
For the challenge is the pathway to growth and transformation,
Where we evolve, triumph, and find liberation.

So fear not the challenge, for it is our guide,
To unlock the mysteries, to take life in stride,
And as we navigate this journey, hand in hand,
Together we'll shape a future, beautifully grand.

Welcome to our World Wide Brands Competition for Image propose Only

Note:If You wish to read a formal version, please click here

This Challenge aims to be educational, focus on solutions that everyone can do. Simple actions that may care someone else life, someone else needs or any kind of living being. It is as well, a tools that can guide children choices, or adults choices. For this propose, this application aims to challenge all who represent any kind of business, to produce choice that can use waste of their business products, or helping others to become better in Time. This means all Religions groups, all Sport groups, Political groups, Social groups, and any kind of business that represent a Logo. We all learn from the day we born until the day we gone. The best source for learning is practicing, and with those simple choices, we can guide and motivate better choices.

Intention: Learn by Educating Your self

Animated Example: The Condition of Illusion

"Each Positive Contribution that Benefit other Living Being may have Value.
The Value is in the capacity of any person to solve any problem that may be solved by Social Values which care,"

This Application aims to

Be a World Wide Political Science Business Challenge
Target All who represent one or more Logos
Is a World Wide Brands Competition for image propose Only!
List all Brands which have more approved Actions Above the Others.

Commercial Groups Shall have Civic Obligations beside their Economical Obligations

Problems to solve
Create better relations in society between all living Beings.

Associate Economic Value to what have value as well?

By the principles of Freedom of Choice, to associate economic value to the simplicity of life is not good, because they become acts of business and not acts of Freedom.

In the other hand, industry and economy and everyone work, happen by the same principle. People do work ( actions ) and the reward have economic value!

Rate every Positive Contribution from others.

Rate: Students Behaviors / Choices

Rate: Social Behaviors / Choices

Rate: Commercial Behaviors / Choices

Rate: Professional Behaviors / Choices

~ Don't rate / promote every Negative Contribution from others.

~ Discuss / Talk / Present solutions to fix those.

~ The Bad behaviors shall not become more important than the good.

~ Promote Good behaviors ( at all levels of society and associate value to it )


Motivate World Wide Brands Industry to pay more attention to their own Business to care Social and Nature Principles

Count the number of times each personal characteristic is rated as positive.

Each positive point represent one coin.

If the difference is in the atittude, then atittudes have value.

TODO: Build list of human / social characteristics that can be rated.

Rewards for Companies - Industry

External Image

Public Exposition as group who made X positive contributions to this system above / bellow others.

Company Characteristics are based in Content and Actions:

Content is what a Company produce
What can become better ( Healthy Products ) ( social terms )

Actions is the social activity they promote with their own Time of Work.
What kind of Social Actions company promote ( social terms )

Internal Image

Internal Exposition as individuals who where rated for having positive contributions between colleagues: (commercial terms)

What are the rate between clients and company employees ( commercial terms )

Commercial Characteristics

TODO: Professional-Behaviors: Recommended-List

Care client: be cool, patient, etc..

Personal Characteristics:

TODO: Social-Behaviors: Recommended-List

NCP: Nature Care Path:
Help plants, clean rivers, etc..

ACP: Animal Care Path:
Walk the dog, help animals

HCP Human Care Path:
Give food, knowledge, cloths, etc..

Everything that is shared by Heart should have more value than the value of the object we share! Here we can ask a concept proof from "target", as a way to recognize this transaction.

Includes Students and Schools

Note: People around the world say that "Time is Money".

Therefor for each positive result of each who spend Time to learn and share that knowledge with the teacher, shall earn Money.

The same interpretation, shall be added to each who was able to solve a problem. ( logic or social )

TODO: Student-Behaviors: Recommended-List


For each Discipline, for each propriety of a discipline, if learned, gain value.

How many Books You read. What they are about? What did you learn, etc...

From Students to colleagues, rate positive behaviors, report negative behaviors by talking with who produce them.

From Students to Teachers, rate positive behaviors.

From Teachers to Students, rate positive behaviors and proprieties of knowledge, students had demonstrated as gained.

"The Value is in the individual who gives a correct answer,
not in the Numeric Expression which is the object we associate value.",
while any blockchain can be related to that "numeric expression" as well!


Rate each code contribution that fix your code problems

Rate each contribution others do in your work


Writers are everywhere. Code Writters and Story Writters.

Fixing a mistake or mispell, diserves gratitude. (rate / share)

Brands Challenge:

Public or Private groups who represent a Logo

Clean Rivers

Change Products ( less poluents )

Build Green Zones

Share Waste


Educate and Motivate other Brands doing the same

Government Services

Public or Private groups who represent a Logo ( ALL )

Rate behavior from Civilian to Professional

Professional rate Civilian Behavior.

Urgency Services

For this particular problem we can add a Video Streaming solution as a Concept Proof.

Since it helps professionals to solve any problem by making a decision of what tools they may need.

If Citizen Help by contributing with their Civic Action,
they gain Social Points ( private or public ) each decide to their own.

To solve most problems in any society,
the KEY members are non-public-services workers, but regular civilians.
Be sure You Rate that Civic Action that have Value!!!

Joke?: If you don't find good poeple, become one. Then We All Can.

Imagine it, as a karma healing game, your personal Curriculum Vitae, with all your civic and Social actions!

Earn Points, earn Game status, earn Professional status, earn Civic status, earn real gifts, earn life experience, grow your personal and community business, and more!

Application User Interface

1. All details about each action is recorded.
2. GPS, Timezone, UserID.
3. Select Path.
4. Start Action. ( start recording )
5. User should view and Rate not more than 3 videos before being able to make a new Action.
6. User can only rate Actions of Paths that already start.

Privacy Concerns

This project "Care" about Privacy.

Registration is made by the Popular Social Media Networks
like Github, Facebook, Twitter, etc, or email. Email Must Exist. [ Registration, Passwd Recovery ]

The user decide his/her privacy.

This platform will Not ask the user to add more personal information that the user already care to share by registration process.

- Actions need to have more information about the user. GPS & Time Zone

- GPS points & Time Zone information will be recorded in text format in User profile Actions List, with refered Path.

- Note: Only Reported Videos which are reported as an Abuse which Violate License Principles, are not Deleted.

- Privacy Rights can be Violated at Action Time in HCP (Human Care Path)

Because the Video serves as a Concept Proof, while in rating process, videos must be viewed by someone else.

(random) When Video have a Final Stage (approved or Denied), Video Shall be Deleted!

GPS information have a animation propose of being a pixel point in a World Map that represents an approved action.

I can imagine a world full of "light" moments, but better than imagine, would be to see it in real-time in reality!!

This challenge don't care about how much secure You are, but if the actions are made.

Secure communications sometimes are slow and not good to Real Time Video Recording.

If Player Have a good connetion, player only needs an email to start playing.

Eternal License

You are Included in this World Wide Target Eternal License!

Help me to build this world wide solution

Please make sure you have registered at and open an issue at this project address. Thank You!

You have All Rights to participate, to Read, Discuss modifications and code