So we are talking about water Mr and Miss Tiger!

You feeling Good in America?

You control everything?

The Drugs and the Army?

You "possess" lands all over the world?

Business are Really Awesome?

That is Good to Know!!!


I know You dont like my jokes, but what can I tell You?

Well, I am here to make business with You.

Long Time remember?

Since You are included in my Eternal License as Well

You should Care What I wish!

I wish You use Your Brain

Since Heart You have less than many

Is your condition is true

But your condition is disturbing everyone!

Including Your stability ...

You know I am the One who bring all little cookies all children like

You should Care them

While You don't always like my jokes or my cookies

You are living well, using all of them...

But since you are the Monkey who doesn't See

Let it be, and code with me.

Just try to put away your own animality and be the best!

The license is clear and precise

If you have any doubts

Listen to this videos and think for your self.

And the little poem with all positivity I could give

To describe everything I ask to you and our best friend

In Business

Discipline is good to maintain the self.

Enjoy evertything else without the discipline used for the self

In the world of the Chinese zodiac's tale,
The Monkey and Tiger, an intriguing trail.
A unique relationship, a dance of contrast,
Let's explore the bond between these two cast.
The Monkey, mischievous and full of charm,
With a quick mind and wit, it can disarm.
Bounding with agility, agile and fleet,
A playful spirit, mischievous and sweet.
The Tiger, fierce and fearless in its stride,
With strength and power, it can't be denied.
Graceful yet mighty, a majestic sight,
A symbol of courage, shining so bright.
Though different in nature, they combine,
The Monkey and Tiger, a bond so fine.
The Monkey's cleverness complements the Tiger's might,
Their energies harmonize, day and night.
The Monkey, with its tricks and artful play,
Brings laughter and joy to the Tiger's way.
In turn, the Tiger's strength and protective stance,
Provide a shield for the Monkey's advance.
Together they navigate life's vast terrain,
The Monkey and Tiger, a balanced domain.
In their union, a harmony is found,
Where wisdom and bravery tightly abound.
In the Chinese zodiac's cosmic design,
The Monkey and Tiger, a duo divine.
A testament to how opposites attract,
Creating a bond that's destined to impact.
So let us honor this unique connection,
A fusion of wit and strength in affection.
The Monkey and Tiger, side by side,
A partnership that withstands any stride.