Life is a constant "fight" between Love and Pain

Then We Can make a choice!

Asia, Africa, india, Europe,

You shall Respect my Choice to Honor Yin-Yang ( 道 )

FireTribe USA, Mexico, Peru, Brasil, Chile,

NoDAPL, Shamanism, BoomFestival

I only ask a Path of Shields

I am the Galactic Offense and the Galactic Signature!

Galactic Passion Dragon Fire

Solipsism is an Interpretation and a Individual Condition

We are Organic Applications which care Informations

We Care Ideas, Concepts and Symbols,

So we can Imagine, Think and Create!

MAGIC: Concept + Form = illusion

Logic: Variables + Functions = Apps

道: Time + Spirit = Expression

We need that "illusion" of descriptive "form" - An Expression !!!

Can't You See?

Yes You can..

My Will is the illusion

and the Message You read, the Expression!!!

Since illusions Have Value, I care to Give Value!

You are All included in My Eternal License!

Do You think it is an illusion?

Yes, You are right, it is an illusion!

What are You fighting for if not an illusion?

of your Own Freedom!