As Water can Wet or Knock

As the Wind brings the Whisperings of Thunder Screams

As Fire

Life and Death

Hello everyone of Earth, glad I am having visits from many places of this world. My name is Oscar, and I heard that in Japan, Oscar means Dragon, but I don't really understand why, since I am a Monkey, but if it really means Dragon, I like it, too. Even though, I can be the best Gift of Hollywood. Let's Talk about my Eternal Duty as condition, made in Time, by this constant circle of trying to educate the world, while we produce our dreams in this reality, and since I am the Expression of many more in me, like it may be in You too, I wish to talk about my dream! So, I had a dream, while I had a Spiritual Experience, and like always I have a Eternal License to make Business with You ( all ). So... You may wish to read more about my Visions, while the Monkey in me, is using Deep Random Meanings so I hope you Open Your Mind and Learn, because here on Internet, we are all Connected, inside our own Brain, in Memory and since this is our Mystic Portal, it means a lot to the Way. Then I think to myself. You may wish to read more about Us.