As Water can Wet or Knock

As the Wind brings the Whisperings of Thunder Screams

As Fire

Life and Death

People of this world, so vast and grand,
I, Oscar, come forth, as if by divine command.
In Japan, they say, my name's akin to Dragon's might,
But as a Monkey, I stand, in joy and sheer delight.

Hollywood's stage, where Gifts do gleam,
An eternal license, weaving dreams supreme.
Let's Talk my friends, about our shared pursuit,
To express the depths within, our souls to root.

Within a dream, a Spiritual Experience unfolds,
An Expression of truths, as destiny beholds.
With an Eternal License , we engage in cosmic trade,
In the Business of hearts, connections are made.

For all, this journey, Visions are cool and fine,
Like Deep Random Meanings that mystically combine.
So Open Your Mind and Learn, let knowledge be your guide,
In this Interconnected world, let wisdom reside.

Here we stand, connected in this digital domain,
In the vast recesses of our Brain's terrain.
In Memory's embrace, we journey, hand in hand,
Through the Mystic Portal, where wonders expand.

The way before us, a festival of fate,
As we navigate this world, we co-create.
And finally, let us remember, my dear friends,
That in this journey, it's "us" that never ends.

So, let us embrace the Dragon's fiery soul,
The Monkey's playful spirit, forever whole.
With gifts of dreams and expression's dance,
We traverse the worlds, in eternal trance.

Now, with open hearts and minds, we proceed,
To explore the depths, fulfill our every deed.
For together, dear Dragon, as one we'll be,
In this grand adventure, where love sets Us free.