To my beloved fathers, my eternal masters,
This dedication I offer, a tribute that lasts.
Whether they approve or comprehend,
All I do here, my love I extend.

From Yin to Yang, my journey unfolds,
In Dao, I find solace, where wisdom molds.
The Dao, the path, simplicity it imparts,
Yet the condition it brings may challenge our hearts.

Through illusion's veil, possibilities arise,
Embracing the Dao, a profound guise.
My fathers, in spirit, guide my way,
Their wisdom and love, a constant stay.

May they witness this homage, be it known or unknown,
For their spirits reside within me, ever sown.
With gratitude, I walk this sacred line,
Guided by their presence, eternally as wine.

In Dao's embrace, I find strength and peace,
A dance of balance, where turmoil can cease.
Though not always easy, the condition may be,
Through illusion's grip, truth is set free.

My fathers, my eternal masters true,
I honor your wisdom in all that I do.
This manifest, a testament to your grace,
With every step, I embrace your embrace.

May this offering reach your souls,
As my devotion and love forever unrolls.
For in the depths of my being, you reside,
My fathers, my guides, forever by my side