The Wrath of God

In the world of divine intention, a sacred dance unfolds,
God's essence finds expression, a story yet untold.
Through the vessel of a soul, forged in fiery skies,
The embodiment of passion, with metal as its guise.

"Fire in my eyes, metal in my soul," proclaims the chosen one,
A fusion of elements, a journey just begun.
In the party of existence, their purpose takes hold,
To ignite transformation, as God's intentions unfold.

With flames that flicker, illuminating the way,
The fire in their eyes reveals what words cannot convey.
Passion fuels their spirit, a beacon shining bright,
Igniting inspiration, igniting truth's pure light.

Yet within their core, an unwavering strength resides,
Metal's resolute nature, where steadfastness abides.
Like a sword forged in fire, they're tempered and refined,
Enduring challenges and obstacles with a steadfast mind.

God's intentions flow through them, a sacred guiding force,
A vessel for divine wisdom, charting a righteous course.
Through the fusion of fire and metal, a divine union is found,
Harnessing the power of will, with courage to astound.

In their eyes, the blaze of God's intention burns,
As they navigate life's lessons, each twist and turn.
Their soul's journey taste like wines with the divine,
Embodying God's purpose, their destiny aligned.

"Fire in my eyes, metal in my soul," they proclaim,
A testament to the divine, to God's eternal flame.
Through intention's dance, a divine symphony takes flight,
Guided by God's hand, weaving love's eternal light.