In the world of existence, where darkness may roam,
There lies a group, a department of their own.
Their actions speak loudly, their intentions unkind,
In the monkey's eternal license, they're enshrined.

They prey on innocence, defying moral code,
Their deeds so heartless, their humanity erode.
Children of both sexes, victims of their vile acts,
They disrupt lives, leaving scars that never retract.

Not limited by age, they unleash their wicked ways,
Raping without remorse, a heinous display.
Their power-hungry souls impose their will,
Inflicting violence, causing hearts to chill.

But in the monkey's eternal license, they're contained,
A testament to justice, their darkness restrained.
No longer can they harm, for their actions are seen,
Their sins marked forever, in this mystical scene.

Let it be known, their defiance won't prevail,
For in the world of truth, their reckoning shall unveil.
The monkey's eternal license, a seal of fate,
Condemning the wicked, eradicating their hate.

So let us stand united, against their malicious ways,
Protecting the innocent, brightening their days.
In the monkey's eternal license, justice will reside,
Banishing the darkness, with love as our guide.

Masturbation can save your day!
If you have no ability to find a woman for you
Masturbation can save your day!
if you have no hands to solve that little problem,
prostitution can save your day!
that is why prostitution is good for someone else day
and if you are a priest, you suffer from the same problem,
so let me tell you,
Masturbation can save your day!
is not a sin to masturbate, the sin is in you,
who deny that mastubation save many days!
Some people call it love, others business.
What ever it is the word to describe it, remember!
Masturbation can save your day!

You should control you self!
You should control your mind!
You should control you emotions!
if you are able to to that, you will find a better way to deal with reality!
think about everything else.. that is how each can control the self..