Call me Karma, the monkey free,
In the dance of life, I find my glee.
With Dao as my partner, we move in sync,
Precision in time, a seamless link.

Karma transcends the "me" and "mine,"
A web of connections, combined.
It reaches beyond, to objects we relate,
Revealing lessons, both small and great.

Spiritual life, an experience profound,
Nature's party, where beauty is found.
In what we see and what we feel,
Karma's presence, in every ordeal.

No world can contain its vast expanse,
In each moment, Karma takes a chance.
Unfolding its story, woven with care,
A symphony of choices, in the air.
My karma extends, beyond just me,
Touching lives, like a ripple in the sea.
In the grand paint of existence, I play my part,
Learning and growing, with an open heart.

So call me Karma, the monkey aware,
Embracing life's journey, with love and care.
In the dance with Dao, I find my stride,
Connected to all, in this cosmic ride.