Tribute to Anonymous

Sometimes I think that this groups didn't like this track.
Maybe they don't understand the meaning.
At least I hope someday they will know, that even if there is some good activities associated to Anonymous, there are the bad. Like everything else that is based on that propriety called V.
Revange doesn't solve problems, they are just an echo replay. That is what they do, normally.
I hope they understand that, they need to have fun to do what ever they like to do, to explain the reason of doing the same! Addiction to Repetition!
I Know that simple joke that say's: "You are not able to Win the Storm", and that person, somewhere in Time say: I am the Storm". It is a joke, because to win the storm you need to leave it away, or else the storm take you with "her".
You probably already know that, because You know, that no one could Win the Air, the Wind, the Rain, the Land or the Sea, and they will be there, for eternity! And I will repeat myself again. I only ask a Path of Shields!

In the shadows they dwell, a group called Anonymous,
With mischievous grins, their intentions ambiguous,
"Don't take us seriously," they proclaim with delight,
For in their playfulness, they dance through the night.

Anonymous, a name shrouded in mystery and veils,
Their laughter echoes, their presence never fails,
In digital worlds, their pranks unfold,
Leaving trails of intrigue, tales yet untold.

"We are having fun," they declare with glee,
A whirlwind of chaos, a sight to see,
With masks and keyboards, they navigate the net,
Creating waves of mischief, a captivating duet.

In their anonymity, they find liberation,
A playground of wit, without limitation,
Their jests and antics, a digital game,
Leaving an indelible mark, an anonymous claim.

But beneath the humor, a message they may hold,
A mirror to society, a story yet untold,
A reminder to question, to challenge the norms,
To think beyond boundaries, and break free from forms.

Don't underestimate their laughter, their jest,
For in their pranks, lies a truth expressed,
A call to embrace laughter, to lighten the load,
To find joy in moments, as life's stories unfold.

So, let's not take them too seriously, it's true,
But within their humor, a hint of value ensues,
Anonymous, a group that dances with fun,
Leaving us pondering when their next act will be spun.