In the world of Buddhism, a tale unfolds,
Of a curious monkey, both wise and bold.
With a mischievous spirit and playful glee,
He traversed the path to seek enlightenment, you see.

In ancient scriptures, the Monkey King is known,
A disciple on a journey, not alone.
He symbolizes the restless mind at play,
Seeking liberation on the Buddha's way.

Like the monkey swinging from branch to branch,
Our thoughts wander, in an eternal dance.
But within the teachings, a lesson is revealed,
To tame the monkey mind and find truth concealed.

Through discipline and mindfulness, we aspire,
To quiet the chatter and quell desire.
In meditation's embrace, we find repose,
Observing thoughts, as the monkey comes and goes.

Just as the monkey faced many trials,
Our minds encounter illusions and denials.
But with wisdom's light, we can clearly see,
The path to liberation, unbound and free.

So let us learn from the monkey's quest,
To find inner peace and be truly blessed.
In the sacred teachings of the Buddha's lore,
May the monkey's journey guide us evermore.

For in the monkey's tale, we find our own,
A reminder to seek the truth, yet unknown.
With steadfast resolve, on the path we trod,
Embracing the teachings of the enlightened body.