A simple Tribute to M.I.T.

Yes, those who create awesome Logic applications to test or use.

Those who try to teach us about logic.

A.I. Robots and Machines should be use to help us.

Are we made to help God?

I always think about that!

Ego Master vs Master Ego

The Coincidence of Incidence

- I just Like to Talk to My Self while writing.

- Is like playing chess with my self, I always loose, then I learn!

- What We Express, We Create. Is This Magic?

- No, it is only Energy.

- What is Energy?

- Life!

- What is Life?

- Energy.

- What is the difference between both?

- There is none, only perspectives.

- Why I make questions?

- Because You wish to learn.

- A question is Energy?

- Yes, you spend energy to think.

- Life is made of Questions?

- Only if you wish to Learn.

- Is life a Question?

- Good Question. What do You think?

- I have no more Questions!

- Why not?

- I Need to Think.

- Where I can Learn fast?

- From what You make Wrong.

- I shouldn't Question anything at all.

- That lead You to Learn fast.

- What I learn is True?

- Truth is, there is no truth, only perspectives.

- Why we can't have the same truth?

- Because we have different brains.

- The brain is true?

- Maybe just an illusion of our self's.

- Illusions are true?

- Yes.

- Are we in a illusional World?

- Yes, as we all Dream with it.

- Why I Dream?

- Because You need to sleep.

- Dreams are True or Illusions?

- Illusions of Truth, create Dreams.

- For what is Choice?

- To use Your Will.

- I have no other Choice?

- Yes, Die.

- I don't Want to Die.

- That is not Our Choice.

- Who make that decision?

- Causality.

- Causality is God?

- Maybe.

- I have a illusion to know God.

- Then You will Know God.

- Do You know God?

- Sometimes God Know me.

- What do You mean?