She Need - He Create: This is about a love story, remember?

Severn Cullis Suzuki

I hope one day you read this,
since I already send you this link to your site.
It is only a dream,
but dreams need other dreams to become real,
even if the world continue producing all the bad things you said.
So Yeah! The Music is Dark,
to express the emotions that comes from our frustrations.
And Even if You can help my dream to become real,
and even if in Time,
for all future generations,
the solution I present "was good",
nothing will ever stop the exploitation of reality based on logical solutions,
but as you may read it,
is all about education.
We cannot stop the industry to break all the rules in the name of money,
but we can motivate them to become better,
in Time,
in the name of the Monkey :p
Even when We are the Expression of Time!
I mean, I really mean it, but that is my illusion!