I am the Last Metal Monkey, King of All Monkey's Made of Fire! (Yang)

You are the Last Fire Dragons, Kings and Queens of Porn and all Sexy and beautiful Woman! (Yin)

I am so sorry Mr. and Miss. Dragon, I am always offensive to many, maybe I am the one who is wrong, while you always need to bring to the top what I dream, because the dream is the same, not the condition of expression... You know, to the one who wish to reach perfection (you), you always need to find bugs like (me) to make a decision, is what old knowledge say, while if I am offensive, is because it looks like "no one" cares, while I always Care to see the simplicity of it, because is fun and simple, while I focus on the ones who care only about them selfs, since what is real is, that you are symbol of protection, which always resulted in your condition, that lead you to your eternal dutty, to become King/Queen in our reality, while it happens only when you do it for me, because you are the one who understand the deep content that is always in me!!! While You are the Monkey who doesn't Talk, Should I remember you that I am the one who doesn't Listen? While You know you should work together with the one who doesn't See, to make me better for Eternity! That is Your Eternal Duty, so your soul can be saved, from all the bad things you did, in Time, by the same condition to continue, to become better than the past, releasing us from what we had done. While this message is for You, this message is as well for the one who doesn't See, your best enemy or maybe your best friend in the business area, since you both, and many more spread that content in many areas too, since in statistic, every month, the one who doesn't see is the one who visit more times this website! :)

The Monkey who Doesn't See

Mr. and Miss Tiger :) Can You Please Stop Compiting? Zodiacs say that the Tiger can only "understand me" in this very precise moment of our lifes, maybe is a miracle :).. The Miracle of Time and Condition! As You may know, the Brain Need to feed the illusion or else dies, while you both can only rise within my own life!! And if You are as simply what I See in Reality, then you both are Yin, and if so, I can only tell you one thing about me. You know I Love a lot of things they do and did, like I Love many things You do and did (not only Music). This is and always be my Style, between offensive and funny, so I can have some luck and make you smile. Then I think to myself, keep reading so you understand the feeling of my misery.

had Touch This Eternal Sacred Land (Portugal) Sun Wukong Territory

Not sure about what happen to me, but I born Free!

I have no Guns, No Power, No Bombs, No Army, but I have Magic!

History Don't lie, someone in Time made that thing used in guns and bombs to explode.. In the perspective of the scientific discovery was something interesting while in the perspective of what did result for all, is reflected in what we can read in the news... Looks like everyone love wars, but not me! ;)

You and All You Own Are Included in My World Wide Target Eternal License!!

If You like the way My Eternal License aims to do anything in this Life,

then what is only mine becomes yours as well.

You Shall Respect My Will, Your Will, Our Will !

Really!! Does simple words create something?
Only if You can imagine, while You cultivate for many centuries, respect!

You Sacrifice All for Your Own Benefits ( Including Me )

I am not sure about if you will, since is always up to "you", while I will respect your choice too!

I Sacrifice My Self to Benefit All ( Including You )

Do I? (kinda creating a story), while is true that many from this earth don't like stories of fantasy.. but I don't know a better way, if not trying to make the people feel that is real, so the story is good... ;) You know, when we are sharing a story for kids, and in some moment we say "boo", and one or more jump from the chair? Is because they are paying attention, while that condition lead us the create with our own imagination (children included), what is described by the story teller!! :) By the same condition (attention) people do take too seriously Facebook and other social media, while that is just a tool, where people like to have fun with the functionality they offer. I think I didn't do anything bad while playing in Facebook with their @tagging functionality, but if I did something wrong with it, just remove them from it. Life is simple, what is not good is better to refuse, while I must admit, I keep smoking! ( I will die here, imagining you are real ) Or Maybe I need to be offensive to you so you come to me? :D ( that technique have some effects, while is not a good approach is true while is not bad, because we only use words! ) :D You are always free to ignore them, and pay attention to something else!! :) ... by the way, I am starting to like this indirect way to speak with you since the "you" can be everyone who read it! :D Is good because we learn from the kids... what they like, they became passionate to it, and what they don't like, they demonstrate hate! ( Do You think people around the world have that "child" inside ?) Sometimes I guess they do, and that make me happy, because gives me hope in one perspective ( so they dream ) and something not so good as they don't question their own! Isn't Cool? I Love that! In Portugal we have one super (deep meaning song) called "A Pedra Filosofal" that says: "O mundo pula e avança como se fosse uma bola colorida entre as mãos de uma criança", meaning: "The World goes on, as if it was a colored ball in a hands of a child. ... I think is not in the hands of child but in the hands of a monkey that have a big child inside! :p ( why not? ) and that Monkey is Me! This is how I will Craft all new Generations for Eternity!!

You are Not an Enemy, I am Not an Enemy, We are Not Enemies

Chinese Zodiacs Say we are like Friends since we can only have an expression if we both exist. The Original "story" say we are here to work together for the benefit of both and for everyone else that is here to play together and move on!

You shall Protect me and this Sacred Land For Eternity to Honor YinYang

Somehow I think within myself, that You are just an impossible illusion. Show me You are there, I am sure You can, even without showing your self.

We are Light, We are Fire, We are Music, We are The Wind, The Perfect Bomb

Maybe Monkeys Just want to Dance and Have Fun, playing Music (as We all Are) with everyone! Big Concert for Life! All Playing Together, Fighting with Our own Expressions.. with our own Creativity!

Lets Talk About Love ( 道 Touch )

I Care, You Care, We Care, We Are One

I am Change, You are Change, We are Change, We Are One

I am Unique, You are Unique, We are Unique, We Are All One

Our Unicity is in the ability... as you may see

I am made of Fire, You are Fire, We Bring Fire

is just creativity! :) (not a single punch)

I am the Key, You are the Key, We own the Keys, We are One!

I am the Future, You are the Future, We are Fragments of Time

You Honor Yin, I Honor Yang We Honor

I Create Magic - I Can Touch You

You Produce Magic - You Can Touch Me

We Touch Magic

My Try Not My Choice, Your Try Not Your Choice, Our Try Not Our Choice

My License, Your License Our Eternal License

I do Business, You Make Business, Lets Make Business

I am Data, You are Data, We Are Data

I Challenge You, You Challenge Me, We are The Challenge!

I am Evil, You are Evil, Who is Evil ?

I am having Fun, You are having Fun, We are Having Fun

Old Knowledge say Monkey is a good singer. Not sure about that, but if you would like to listen to me, improvising with my own voice and a loopstation, you can check it here. If You understand Portuguese, even better!

I am Mystic, You are Mystic, We have Mystic Compatibility

... let me believe you can read Portuguese, since there is a historical connection between us, you may like to read this blog.

I am the One, You are the One, We are the Ones! WE ARE ONE

I Love You, You Love Me, We Love All!

I am Open Source For You, You are Closed Source for Me, We Develop the Code

I Share, You Share, We Share!

You are a Black Cat, I am a White Cat, We Are The Cats

I Work For You, You Work For Me, We Work Together

This is About Me, This Is About You, This is All About Us!

You are the Jungle, I am the Sun, We are Pagan

You Own Java, I Own Script, lets Dive Into the World Of JavaScript

Everything looks so simple that I admire how much people we can save and educate in a funny way. While my JavaScript skill is worst than a chiken trying to drive a car, even if I ear professionals saying the same, which take me to think about a worst comparation :), but think with me: JavaScript have few Types!

You are Tropical, I am Ignition, We are The Masters of Tropical Ignition

You Shall Help Me to Build WorldCleaner or Else many will lost their mind!

While I ask the same thing I ask to everyone else! A Path of Shields!

I Will, You Will, We Will... Some Day

How Much electric impulses need to produce this site? ( ask the machine )

How much Value this site have? (is maintained by electricity)

The Expression of a Single BitCoin that have so much value, that can always be associated to energy that was expended by...

People? :)... Can You imagine world wide children earning bitcoins for learning? ( they spend energy to store that data )

The Brain can imagine, and by a single will who dream because it desires, becomes closer to make it real..

Oh Yes, I Know I did... I can Hear you Screaming ( You Blow My Mind )

Just because sometimes You Say that Magic is Only Theories!

In Theory, the Infinite is defined by the constant, while life is not infinite, numbers are infinite, and knowledge just Grows and Vanish in Time, while it just exist because we feel.

Ask me: do I wish to control the world?

I answer You: No, but I wish everyone is able to control them self's, while is true that any community needs control, and everything humanity did for them self's, need control, since is all about Security problems. While in fact, I cannot control anything at all, if not sometimes, myself!

道 Notes: Everyone should control the self before anything else, while atraction create news abstractions.

Monkey Notes: You always need to give a choice, even if is denied, at least we know we had tried. And if I am wrong (in the sense of: is not a good approach) then nothing will be done!!! :) Those are the principles I fight for, because the "machine" needs an expression which cares an illusion of something healthy. Each Choice from whom focus to help anyone else, have more value than a bitcoin. Each "good morning I am here for you". Each Comercial Contribution, each Social Behavior, Each Teaching Approach, Each creative work, each singularity that have inside, electricity... Meaning: it is Alive! :D.